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    "For the first time in for ever my daughter is loving playing the piano. She has learned so much in such a short time. The skill level of her teacher is unbelievable. It is making her want to learn more and do more. This Academy program is second to none."

    Minako has been a perfect balance of a firm, but a warm teacher to my two kids and other students. Such a talented pianist who supports children in engaging, and pursuing music, and also knows how to adjust her expectations accordingly. Highly recommended.

    Minako is truly a top-notch class piano teacher who is a passionate and caring person. I have met her and her husband who are wonderful people to work with. Highly recommended for an honest and highly skilled piano teacher. Should stop by her new studio in Tustin.
  • Phoebe T.

    Ms. Minako is a wonderful piano teacher who is very professional and effective with her lessons. She pays close attention to detail and musicality in the kids' playing, but manages to not be overly strict or overbearing when teaching them. Since learning from her, they have improved their musical technique and expression greatly -- enough to take home a few medals at competitions. In addition to being a very capable instructor, she is also very open and accommodating towards playing music outside the classical genre. My kids have frequently brought in pop songs and various other songs they find online, and she rolls with it. It's great how she lets the kids' passion for music transfer over to piano practicing, too.

    I would absolutely recommend taking lessons with Ms. Minako. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for over nine years now (my oldest child took lessons with her before she started teaching at the Academy), and I'm truly glad to have my kids go through her tutelage to become devoted and skilled musicians.
  • Shell R

    We love our piano teacher Miss Vicky and the boys relate to her very well! I am amazed at how motivated they are to go to each lesson! The boys are teens now and are always amazed how their teacher can play and teach them ANYTHING they throw at her. They love the flexibility of being able to integrate their favorite tunes into their lessons while learning all the skill and detail of playing the piano. Cadenza Music Academy is very professional and have the background to develop piano players on every level. Cadenza Music Academy is truly awesome. I am so glad we found them!
  • Marsha H.

    My kids love their teachers! We are so pleased with Cadenza! I've recommended it to family and friends.
    They look forward to their classes. I love the patience of their teachers-- the teachers foster a true love of music!
    Thank you for your service!
  • Keira C.

    Ms Minako has done a remarkable job with our daughter in such a short period of time. She makes learning the piano enjoyable where our daughter is happy to practice everyday. We feel like we hit the jackpot and highly recommend Cadenza Music Academy!!
  • Jenefer G.

    Cadenza Music Academy is founded by a top-notch Pianist - Ms. Minako, who believes that Music creates MAGICAL MOMENTS to one's life! She has this passion to not only teach music but to also touch the hearts of our young learners and developed their passion for Music. This is what makes Cadenza worth recommending! They teach wholeheartedly!
  • Jenefer G.

    Cadenza Music Academy is a great music school in Tustin. Teachers are all professionals and are highly trained. When you are looking for a welcoming and happy environment for your kids to learn musical instruments, I highly recommend Cadenza Music Academy!
  • Harvey Darell D.

    In Terms of taking a step further into a Masterpiece, Piano Lessons on Cadenza Music Academy brings a whole new meaning in the Music Industry, they teach you how to play with gratitude, emotions, and joy which allow you to play gracefully in your heart.
  • Nancy B.

    Minako is a wonderful teacher. Formerly boring performers will undergo a metamorphosis. She uses advanced techniques to develop skills for both beginning and advanced students. Minako is also a great pianist herself. I highly recommend Minako as a teacher.
  • Suu T.

    A teacher that teaches students precisely and even small things. I highly recommend anyone that would like to learn piano. If you are still a beginner, don't panic, her teaching will make your piano sound like a professionals in no time. If you would like to take serious piano lessons, I highly recommend her!

Cadenza Music Academy
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Rainbow A.
Rainbow A.
The best piano teacher Ms. Minako!!!She is professional, trustworthy, encouraging and inspiring.
Melissa M.
Melissa M.
Teachers are very nice and professional!
Shell R.
Shell R.
We love Cadenza Music Academy! We have been having our kids go for a couple years now and I am amazed out how they play now. Miss Vicky is our teacher and she is simply AMAZING! She is so relatable for the kids who are now teens and they look forward to each of their lessons! I always tell the kids I love how they make our Piano "sing" lol :)
Deb L.
Deb L.
My 5yo has been taking lessons for a year now and has enjoyed the time. The teachers are very kind and professional and make the learning time fun.
Teacher J.
Teacher J.
Catherine D.
Catherine D.
For the first time in for ever my daughter is loving playing the piano. She has learned so much in such a short time. The skill level of her teacher is...
Benjamin K.
Benjamin K.
Minako is trully a top notch class piano teacher who is passionate and caring person. I had a previlege to meet Minako and her husband from a local...

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