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Two Important Techniques to Enhance Vocal Ability

Two Important Techniques to Enhance Vocal Ability

Our voice, literally and figuratively, is one of our most powerful tools. This God-given gift we possess still needs to be nurtured and taken care of. Announcers, singers, DJs, actors, and more all undergo extensive training to enhance and develop their voice. Your voice is the foundation of your musical career! 

The voice is highly adaptable and extremely flexible. If you’re a great singer, or you aspire to become one, have no fear! Professional singers and teachers have designed many ways to improve the beautiful voice within us. Here at Cadenza, we’re happy to help from formal voice lessons to just a few tips. Here are three techniques to help you! 

Posture. Visualize your stance in front of a mirror. You might be reminded of your mom always telling you not to slouch. Our posture can sometimes represent, and even effect, self-esteem and level of confidence. But posture absolutely effects the voice. The body is your instrument – you must have good posture. So, standing up straight, shoulder blades back, sternum raised and rib cage expanded are very important.  

It’s very important to warm-up your voice through breathing exercises. Breathing is natural, of course, but it also can be made more efficient. Breathing and relaxing the muscles in your body helps you release tension. Although it’s a very natural process, we must learn how to control it when we sing. The best place to learn breathing exercises is a private voice teacher, but here is one: Breath in for 4 counts (remembering posture) and breathing out on an “s” sound for increasing amount (4, 8, then 12, then 16, etc.). Remember not to collapse your posture and don’t push! Stay relaxed.    

This is just the beginning to being a better singer and performer. Come experience the next steps at Cadenza!