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3 MAJOR Tips On Overcoming Challenges In Learning the Piano

3 MAJOR Tips On Overcoming Challenges In Learning the Piano

Feeling like you have hit a wall is perfectly normal when it comes to learning how to play the piano. Honestly, it happens to everyone and pertains to any instruments, and even parts of life, as well. It’s essential to know that this is not uncommon at all! You can do it! In fact, success matters less about skill but about dedication and perseverance. This is a typical issue that all pianists experience all the time. Don’t give up!


Smaller Chunks

Take things in small chunks. Never underestimate the small victories. Do one bar, one system, even one page. It is also OK to take a bigger picture as well. Listen to your favorite performer play the piece from start to finish. If there’s a time that you are not sure of the timing or the phrasing, listen (or better yet, watch on YouTube) to see and hear how you could play each piece correctly.


Feeling in a Rut is Normal

From time to time, you will stagnate musically. It’s always uplifting to perform when everything you want goes right and to know and feel the audience is impressed with your performance. However, there are times that you’ll feel that you are not learning anything or even going backwards and it can make you want to give up. Again, this doesn’t apply to just piano playing, but it also applies to all the trials of life.

The best way to overcome this is to take a deep breath, step away, maybe take a small break, ignore all the stagnation, and just take one step forward in your musical journey. In time, you will see that you’re already on the next level it is just hard to see it ourselves sometimes. There is a great saying – “We are sometimes unable to see the forest for the trees”. Sometimes we pay attention to the trees (the small things) and we miss the forest (the big picture). Think back to the reasons why you wanted to play the piano. If you are frustrated, one of the best things that you can do is to remember the reason why you wanted to learn in the first place.


Understand Where to Find Help

Your piano development journey will have a lot of ups and downs, and, yes, frustrations. The secret weapon to overcome this is to stay on the course and know where to look for help and support. It could be family and friends, but sometimes even they do not know what you are going through. You should always be able to approach your piano teacher. They will surely be able to help you make sense of everything again. They will no doubt use the above tips but most of all, you will know they understand.

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