The piano is one of the most important instruments that had taken part in different cultures. Even today, it plays a significant aspect of global culture. In terms of well-being, letting your kids take a piano lesson at a young age helps their overall development from raising self-esteem, concentration, patience, coordination, and even in school. According to some research, kids under piano lessons do better in school on subjects that rely on spatial and cognitive development. Their response to stress and constructive criticism are better which helps them gain higher self-esteem that plays a vital role in their pursuit of musical education.

At Cadenza Music Academy, our quality teachers are here to support your child in their musical growth with curricula and resources to allow them to achieve all of their musical goals. As an added bonus, our teachers come to you! Simply call or click “Book Online” to schedule your consult with a few of these answers in your mind:


  1. How long do you want your lessons to be? We offer 45 and 60 minute lessons
  2. What is your preferred day and time to take lessons?
  3. Has your child taken lessons before? If so, when and for how long?


Studies show, music in Early Childhood Education translates into higher academic test scores due to an increase in Cognitive Development. Give your child the head start they deserve in this competitive world!



Adolescence is a difficult time for any child. Give yours the tools they need to succeed. Not only do music lessons improve academic test scores, mastering an instrument and the ability to accept feedback does wonders for a teens self esteem!


Adults can learn piano too! Not only is it a relaxing activity, learning piano in adulthood keeps the mind working and studies show it staves off the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease as well as other degenerative neuro-cognitive disorders.


Cadenza Music Academy is an official vendor of Excel Academy Charter School and Inspire Charter Schools. We are dedicated to providing quality services, lessons, and support to students, parents, and members of the schools, giving them additional benefits and the assurance of an impeccable job with measurable results.

My son has been taking piano and guitar lessons for more than a year. He loves his teachers and I can tell that they really care about my kid too. Your music school is wonderful and I highly recommend.

Louise Flores


The school has everything that children need for successful study: textbooks, daily assignments, planners, notebooks, music sheets and great staff.

Diana Jones


I am so grateful my son's guitar teacher not only makes learning fun but also shares his knowledge for music. I could not have found him a better place to learn guitar.

Martin Wood


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