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JUNE 2023

Dear Parents and Students,


As we near the end of another amazing school year, we want to send warm greetings and congratulate everyone on their achievements throughout the year. It is also a great time for an important reminder that learning doesn’t stop over the summer, continuing lessons is a great way to maintain progress and get a head start for the next Certificate of Merit level test in 2024.


Enrollment for CM 2024 starts in the fall for the exam, and registration is required. Cadenza continues lessons throughout the summer to ensure that your musical progression doesn’t stop.


We are honored to work with such exceptional students, and we hope the upcoming summer brings lots of joy and memorable experiences.



Warm regards,


Minako Han


Cadenza Music Academy

Piano Tip One important tip for beginners in the piano is to practice consistently. Regular practice is crucial for making progress and developing your skills. Aim to establish a practice routine that works for you, whether it's daily or several times a week, and stick to it. Even short practice sessions can be beneficial as long as you're consistent. Consistency helps build muscle memory, strengthens finger dexterity, and improves your overall understanding of the instrument. So, make a commitment to regular practice and stay dedicated to your piano journey.
Finger Exercise Tool Finger strength is incredibly important when playing instruments, especially the Piano and Violin. These finger-strengthening tools will help your child to develop the strength and dexterity needed to improve their playing. Here are some that we suggest: You can purchase them here!
Cadenza Music Academy
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