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June 11, 2019

Listening to Classical Music - Music Therapy for Children

In today’s world, where everything is fast-paced and on-demand leads to plenty of distractions. Remaining focused, especially for children, could be difficult. Dependent on circumstances at home and school, those challenges can be even more pronounced.


There are numerous studies that show a meditation program combined with classical music can help these children focus. These mindful music moments could be done in different activities whether it be just listening to music or trying to align your breath, to feel and understand tension, or to relax muscles and calm the nerves.


These “mindful music moments” could be a great way to start the day as it re-centers everyone. Having kids listen to classical music every morning would allow them to take a deep breath, so they would not be in a frantically hyper mode at the start of the day.


Piano music is great for children with aggressive behaviors. Parents can play the soothings sound produced by a piano to help reduce aggressive tendencies. There are studies that shows that calm and respectful behavior also helps improve relationships with other children.


There are plenty of research studies that documented the effectiveness of music that could improve learning outcomes and enhance brain development. There is no school, no part of life, that is immune from stress and anxiety. That is why adding an orchestral or keyboard music to a morning announcement is one strategy to make school less stressful. The world will not be changing anytime soon, so we need to help children learn to cope with an increasingly frantic world.


We feel this should become a permanent program that schools could use every day, not just to start the day beautiful and relaxed, but so that these children will feel good and ready to learn throughout the day. We at Cadenza feel you can start this program at home now! Contact us for listening samples, setlists, artists and more!


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