About us

Minako Horimura founded Cadenza Music Academy in 2015 with the goal of creating a music academy that enriches students’ lives with private piano lessons in the comfort of their own homes. Our teachers are highly qualified members of the Music Teachers Association of California, a professional organization that promotes the pursuit of excellence in the field of music education. We teach students according to the requirements and standards of MTAC’s Certificate of Merit. Cadenza Music Academy students are active in their instruments, participating in MTAC festivals and competitions as well as Cadenza “Little Concerts”.

”Music is a world to explore, built with endless possibilities, and conquered by a passion that incites creative imagination.”

Lessons Given

Awards Received

Cadenza Teachers

Minako Horimura

Piano Instructor


Connie Tu

Piano Instructor


Esther Kim

Piano Instructor


Kendall Harb

Vocal Instructor


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