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Why Cadenza

Our mission is to make sure that our students stay competitive, motivated, and receive the recognition that will help them in their education and their future.
Our Students

Our Students

Our students have access to festivals, competitions, and standardized testing through the Music Teachers' Association of California. Cadenza also host regular recitals to help our students stay goal-oriented and build their confidence in performing.
Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Our teachers include professional and highly trained active members of MTAC (Music Teachers' Association of California). Committed to using established pedagogy and modern techniques and technology to ensure that every student can achieve their best.

Our Service

Cadenza Music Academy utilizes a full staff of teachers, administrative staff and technology to ensure that you have transparency and full access to what your student is learning so you can stay up to date on their progress.
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Early Music Education

Early music education builds the foundation for a lifelong relationship with music. Whether your child wants to become a concert pianist, be in a choir, join a band, or just play songs that they enjoy, the foundational theory that is learned will give them the skills necessary to succeed. Music lessons in a constructive environment helps with overall development by raising self-esteem, concentration, patience, and coordination. Click Book Online to register for a free consultation to see how Cadenza Music Academy can help your child reach their music goals!


Cadenza Music

At Cadenza Music Academy, our teachers are here to support your child in their musical growth with curricula and resources to allow them to achieve all of their musical goals.


Why Choose Cadenza?

See how some of our students and parents feel about their experience with Cadenza Music Academy
  • "Minako is truly a top-notch class piano teacher who is a passionate and caring person. I have met her and her husband who are wonderful people to work with. Highly recommended for an honest and highly skilled piano teacher. Should stop by her new studio in Tustin."
    Benjamin K.
  • "Minako has been a perfect balance of a firm, but a warm teacher to my two kids and other students. Such a talented pianist who supports children in engaging, and pursuing music, and also knows how to adjust her expectations accordingly. Highly recommended."
    Debbie L.
  • "For the first time in for ever my daughter is loving playing the piano. She has learned so much in such a short time. The skill level of her teacher is unbelievable It is making her want to learn more and do more This Academy program is second to none."
    Catherine D.

Meet the Teachers

Our teachers are committed to discovering new ways for the students to stay focused on their lessons and reward them as they spend time practicing.
Minako Horimura


Piano Instructor
Perrine Lee


Piano Teacher

Vicky Pan

Piano Instructor
Cadenza Music Academy
Our mission is to make sure that our students stay competitive, motivated, and receive the recognition that will help them in their education and their future.

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