We offer music education for individuals of just about every age and skill level.

Why Cadenza? 

– Our teachers are all professional and highly trained. They are active members of MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California).

– Our students have access to festivals, competitions, and standardized testing. They will also present two recitals every year which will help them stay goal-oriented as to their learnings along with MTAC events.

– Our teachers are committed to discovering new ways for the students to stay focused on their lessons and reward them as they spend time practicing.

– Our service has no limits. Cadenza Music Academy provides a happy learning environment. Although we are primarily focused on school-aged children, music enthusiasts of all ages are welcome to join us.

One of our mission is to make sure that our students will stay competitive, motivated, and receive the recognition that will help them in their education and their future.

Excellence Through Music


Give your child the best opportunity for learning music at an early age. Studies show, music in Early Childhood Education translates into higher test scores due to an increase in Cognitive Development.


Adolescence is a difficult time for any child. Give yours the tools they need to succeed. Not only do music lessons improve academic scores, but mastering an instrument does wonders for a teen’s self esteem.


Adults can learn piano too! Learning piano in adulthood keeps the mind working and studies show it staves off the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease as well as other degenerative neuro-cognitive disorders.

Cadenza Music

Excellence Through Music

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Minako has been a perfect balance of a firm, but a warm teacher to my two kids and other students. Such a talented pianist who supports children in engaging, and pursuing music, and also knows how to adjust her expectations accordingly. Highly recommended.

Debbie L.


Minako is truly a top-notch class piano teacher who is a passionate and caring person. I have met her and her husband who are wonderful people to work with. Highly recommended for an honest and highly skilled piano teacher. Should stop by her new studio in Tustin.

Benjamin K.

Kim's Piano

I am so grateful my son’s guitar teacher not only makes learning fun but also shares his knowledge for music. I could not have found him a better place to learn guitar.
Martin Wood


Meet the Founder

Minako Horimura’s musical training began at the age of five at Toho Gakuen School of Music for Children. Since then she has continuously practiced and perfected the art of music through the piano. Ms. Horimura is currently an Adjunct Faculty Collaborative Pianist at Chapman University in Orange, an accompanist at Foothill High School in Tustin, Festival Chair and a board member of MTAC Irvine, and founder of Cadenza Music Academy in Irvine California.

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